Burton End Primary Academy

How We Communicate at Burton End

Communicating with our parents and carers is such an essential and important part of what we do. It is vital that all of the up-to-date information about our activities, newsletters, calendars, events and school news is relayed in a timely manner to our parents and carers. It is something that really matters to us.

Please see the communication tools we use at our school to enable the smooth and safe transference of information between school and home.

If you have any issues accessing these tools please contact the School Office.


Updates, copies of letters, newsletters and important information is sent via Arbor and will appear in your email inbox.

Please keep your email up to date so that you can continue to receive information; you can update your contact information by logging into your Arbor account. The school will receive notification of any changes.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a school communication platform to share learning that has taken place in classrooms through photos, videos and messages. The school will invite you via email to join class Dojo and once accepted you will see whole school and year group specific updates.

There is a messaging facility in the app. Please remember during the school day teachers are teaching and do not have time to pick up messages (these should be directed to the School Office). Teachers are able to pick up messages and reply between 8am and 5pm when they are not teaching Monday to Friday. Teachers will not reply to messages at weekends.  

Log in:  https://www.classdojo.com/
Support: https://classdojo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Burton Buzz

This is our fortnightly newsletter which includes lots of information for parents and carers about what is happening in school and what is coming up in the future.

The diary dates section is regularly updated. By sending one newsletter out every other week it saves the need for us to be sending lots of letters out individually.

Twitter and Facebook

Snippets of information and updates can be found here. If you have any urgent questions or messages, please do not message via social media as these are not monitored—please telephone the school office.

Community Noticeboard

This is at the front of the school. Our term dates are always available on there together with the latest edition of Burton Buzz and posters and information about other events that are happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ring the school office and inform them of your child’s absence the number is 01440 702376

There is always a member of the senior leadership team on one of the gates at the start and end of the school day who you can talk to.

Please call the school office to let them know your query who will endeavour to get in touch with a member of the senior leadership team. If they are not avaliable they will call you back.

Alternatively you can email the school office via admin@burtonendschool.co.uk and we will arrange for a member of the SLT to contact you.

Please telephone the school office to inform us of the change.

Please telephone the school office and a member of staff will meet with you on the morning of your child’s return to school.

You are welcome to catch your child’s class teacher at the end of the day to speak to them.

You can send a dojo message – teachers will only be able to respond to these during the ‘open hours’ of 8am and 5pm during weekdays when they are not teaching and not at weekends.

Please telephone the school office or catch the teacher at the end of the day to arrange a time to meet.

Please come to the school office and fill in the appropriate form as we need this information in writing.

Latest News

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