We encourage children to do indoor P.E. in bare feet.

KS1 – Children will need to wear green PE polo tee, black shorts, plimsolls or trainers and kept in a named PE/shoe bag.

KS2 – Children will need to wear green PE polo tee, trainers, and a black tracksuit for outside activities.

We ask that you do not send the children with large sports bags or rucksacks as these are very bulky and tend to make the coats, hung on top of them, fall down. Year 4 will need the correct swimming kit in a waterproof bag.


The Education Authority advises that earrings should not be worn during P.E. because of the risk of injury.

Children with pierced ears are advised not to wear earings to school on P.E. days. Older children who are able to remove their own earings will be asked to do so before P.E. Children in reception and KS1 or those with recently pierced ears will be asked to cover earings with tape before school on PE days.