MFL at Burton End Primary Academy

The national curriculum states that learning a foreign language is a “liberation from insularity...providing an opening to other cultures”.

At Burton End, we enable our students to embark on the first stage of a seven-year language-learning journey from Year 3 all the way through to Year 9. By practising and embedding key skills, we aim to lay the foundations for successful MFL learning in primary school, into secondary school and, hopefully, beyond.

To develop enthusiastic and competent language learners who make significant progress in French we:

- Support learners to identify key features and patterns in the new language; to recognise and understand how these differ from or are similar to English.

- Develop their intercultural understanding, appreciation of songs, stories and poems in the new language.

-Teach learners the skills needed to express themselves in speech and writing in the new language, engaging learners in conversations during which they can ask and answer questions with increasing confidence.

-Embed key grammatical structures such as opinion verbs, adjectives, connectives, intensifiers and the negative.

- Seek cross-phase collaboration with teachers from the next key stage. Learners complete a skills transition booklet, used to inform year 7 teachers of ability so that they can provide support and challenge to learners in key stage three.

- Seek to engender an appreciation of learning a foreign language not only for the cognitive and communicative benefits that this affords but for the sheer enjoyment of being able to converse freely in another culture.

Students at Burton End enjoy and are proud to be learning French and recognise that it is a skill that could lead to greater opportunities in the future.