Summer Term Learning:

This term Year 3 will be going back in time and learning all about the Ancient Egyptians.  We will begin looking at who they were and where they lived and then move on to learning all about how they lived, who were the great rulers and also why the River Nile was so important to them.  The children will have great fun learning all about the mummification process as well as all the different gods and goddesses.

In science we will begin the term learning all about rocks and soils.  How they are made and the properties of different types.  We have some fun experiments lined up too.  After the half term we will move onto learning about plants.  We will look closer at the different parts of the flower and functions of them.  We will also learn all about seed dispersal, pollination, and water transportation.

In English we will be looking at poetry, instruction writing, letters of complaint and also dialogue and third person narratives.

Maths will begin with learning about fractions.  We will be finding fractions of a given amount, adding and subtracting and finding equivalent fractions.  We will move onto re capping and consolidating some of our previous learning to ensure we are ready and prepared for moving onto to the next year group.